Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mama Never Told Me Not To Talk To Strangers

So, wifey is away for the weekend visiting with her mother. Clearly I have been left to my own devices.

A friend and I, Say Bob, went to a small town a couple exits up the road for dinner last night. We ordered about 8 appetizers and had a vertiable smorgasboard. Though we drove for about 15 minutes, the food was not the highlight of the evening. There was a wait at the restuarant, the bar smelled funky, so we sat outside with some over our very best new friends.

Introduce, Misty, the hairdresser, Sadie, the realtor, Jon, the cabinet maker, and some other guy who I was never formally introduced to.

Some guy inside looked like a Fabio who had yet to be serviced with the plastic surgery. Evidently he is the local pool man and is installing a million dollar pool at his own house. Something about a beach with real sand, a waterfall in a deep-end, all the amenitites one would expect in a central georgia pool. I wonder if they live in a single-wide....

In This Town, there is a great massuse available, but she was busy because her husband got out of prison today. Evidently he threatened a cop with a gun... (not real sure why). So, the massuse, who is a mere $45 dollars/ hour, was busy attending to her man. Word around the courthouse, yes we were sitting across the street from one of those great old Ga. court houses, is that neither the massuse or the boyfried should be crossed.

The realtor was trying to sell us something.. not sure what... And we were invited to some honky tonk for after hours fun (clearly we declined as I'm alive to write this)

Needless to say, it was an interesting night. All-in-all, Misty said it best, "The hairdresser always wins." And I think those may be wise words to live by.

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Ally said...

I LOVE Grits! I'm glad the highlight of my visit is always the food or the company I bring with me:)