Thursday, October 12, 2006

Painting...its what got me into this mess.

A major first for my time in macon is underway. I am at serious risk of actually completing a room in my house. Today, I had the most fun painting I do beleive I have ever had. I remember the first thing I painted. I con-ed (how do you spell that anyways??) my dad into paying me to paint some building in downtown swainsboro I don't remember which one was first. Oh yeah, that one, the one with 14 foot ceiling and we were supplied with some cheap ass ceiling paint - Coronado is bad stuff, stay away. So, after making some good money, I was off as a painter. This familiy industry eventually resulted in my purchase of a graco professional paint sprayer and I have no idea how many gallons of that paint I have applied to walls since then.

When I first obtained the sprayer, that thing was fun. I made some good money doing that, the I decided to do some construction work in college. Eventually I moved to macon and purchased a house. Hence, for the last two years, I have been trying to finish something. Now, in third year, I'm well on my way.

So, back to the topic at hand - painting. The bedroom walls are already painted. I'm just doing the trim. I've been working for a week and i finally put some actual paint on the walls. I put down 2 coats of primer, sanded, puttied, and caulked. Let me tell you, after all the prep work, it actually paid off. That stuff glides on. Like buttah.



Anonymous said...

Your work looks magnificent. I am in awe of the progress.

the wifey

cdp said...

Awww. I want a wifey to leave me nice messages on my blog. You guys are the best law school couple EVER.

Kudos on the progress. I remember so many phases of Mission: Drury Drive. Christmas stands out in my mind as always an exciting time of construction and upheaval in your home. In my home, it is just the upheaval, but then that is true all the time, not just at Christmas.

Hope both the smoking and non-smoking Cadles are doing well. My love to Fancy.

kathrynthomas said...

i believe it is "conned".