Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cox Sux

I'd like to share my boring TV woes. I recently obtained a dvr and for some damn reason, our cable sucks. Our tv chooses not to receive, oh, espn during a big game, channel 6 during Gray's, or maybe anything else I want to watch. Right now its not getting any infomation as to whats on where, so channel flipping with this digital crap is getting old. Making me want to revert to my rabbit ears. At least TV was free then.

So, yes, I know TV is trivial, and I have 10,000 things to do that have more value to myself and others, but I just want to vege out on the couch, and watch Laguna Beach reruns, sans commercials and sip bourbon some evenings. I don't think it too much to ask. Conspiricist bastards. I'm starting to wonder if the wifey has something to do with this. Afterall, she does have a degree in TV communications.....

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Ally said...

You're starting to sound like my father's mother who thinks her neighbor uses his garage door opener to mess with her television (as they evidently drive by and stick it out the window in the direction of her home). Just a suggestion, but she covers her television with a cloth when not in use.

p.s. You're scaring me:) I've got Grey's on VHS if you need it.