Sunday, October 08, 2006

Its A Celebration!!

Or maybe not...

I recently received a letter a firm i was hoping to get an offer from. It is a lovely letter.

Informing me that they are not hiring this year but would be happy to provide me with a reference for the further job searching that is looking quite necessary.

Too bad practicing law is really running a business. The coyote and I are headed back to the drawing board.


Ally said...

A letter? After working with a firm for six weeks, they sent you a letter? That's bad form. Oh well, you're better off without 'em:)

cdp said...

Obviously they do not know raw, unadulterated talent when they see it. I concur with Ally. Letter? How cheap. Write them back and tell them it was quite convenient for them to provide you with said correspondence when they did, as you had just run out of Charmin.

Screw 'em.

Leslie said...

I concur.....bad form.
Let's face it...they fail to recognize skillz when they see them.