Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Close Encounter of Another Kind

Waiting on Pre-Trial practice to begin. And sitting in the student lounge next to the executive committee of the Womens Law Association. also know as the Mafia around here. The are organized, have an outline bank, make connections for jobs and really do loads of stuff around here. I really thought they met in secret and had some sort of secret decoder ring that would allow them access to a secret room that no one else knows about. Evidently I was wrong. So, I'm casually evesdropping on this elusive group and i must say its none too mysterious.

Oh well, maybe they'll throw a couple outlines my way.


Ally said...

3 blogs in one day?? What did we do to earn this?? I'm impressed with the house progress and looking forward to seeing it all.

Leslie said...

seriously, no mystery there... at all. sorry to disappoint. if you're a good boy, i might throw an outline your way.