Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Upside down and crooked

Damn, I am sore. A friend from law school and I hung the crown molding in my master bedroom yesterday. I can barely move. Those light boards take their toll when you hold them up to the ceiling and take them down and cut them they pry them into place then.... well you get the idea.

So, now I have a bit more trim work to do in there and its off to the races with the painting. Then we can at least move all then furniture back into the room. After the bathroom is finished, then we can be in there fo real.

In other building news, i assembled a "Cornhole" table, well two of them actually, for a friend. We just got a DVR and I recorded an episode of Yankee Workshop where they engaged in making signs. Always being one who wants to apply my new "skilz" I decided we should carve his initial in one of them with the router. So, I made my first attempt at somewhat artistic routher work and I must say, i was impressed with the results. I think i can do better next time, but that seems to be a theme for me.

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