Monday, September 11, 2006

Of Droping off Cars

A friend of mine has proclaimed the true mark of good white-trash is the act of "dropping off a car." Today, I soundly entered the White Trash Hall of Fame as I hauled a 1990-something Ford Explorer to Atlanta from the 'Boro behind my 2002 Ford Explorer. Well, if you've never used a car-dolly, its one helluva contraption. Pins here, straps there, this pivots, that doesn't, damn those things are hard to figure out. This from a guy with multiple college degrees and who practically rebuilt his own house. But I digress....

So, I get this pin there, that pin there, and pulled the straps, checked the air in the tires, etc and head off to atlanta. Oh, by the way, I courriered a title to another car to Atlanta as well. So, the drive went very well, that is untill I took the last turn into my brother's subdivision. And, you guessed it, the damn thing fell off the dolly. Well, after the use of a jack, some cribbing, and a chain attached to a big truck (which happens to be the title I was carrying) we got the thing back off and, unbeleivably, there were just some scratches and a not too sever dent.

So, all in all I logged over 350 miles, dropped off a car, dropped off a car title and looked at some ceramic tile for my massive new shower. A tiring, but pretty good day.

PS - Spent the morning helping a friend get the locksmith to unlock her car as well. Its been quite the automotive day.

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Ally said...

Well you should also, at least, be added to the Good Brothers Hall of Fame b/c it was awful nice of you to do that for him. I'm going to keep all of your skills in mind should I ever need such services.