Sunday, August 06, 2006

Its going Around

Every once in awhile, especially when I'm procrastinating, I do love a good survey. Here is one that actually made me think.

Ten years ago I: (1996) Was returning from Virginia where I spent the summer as a white water raft guide for a boy scout camp. Tanned and having spent eight weeks of freedom in the hills of West Virginia taking young boys down the New River Gorge, I was returning to the Boro for my second year at East Georgia College. Though I would miss the kayaking adventures on a class IV river after dark, the group of hot Explorer Scouts (yes, they were girls) who came through out program (only to return the next year as counselors, very nice), and some really great friends, I was looking forward to furthering my education because I had finally been released from the hell of high school and was looking forward to much bigger and better things. Finally being of age, 18, I was also allowed the privilege of holding an EMT license which meant I could drive fast and cut cars apart and poke people with needles and give drugs. On my return I began working for the local ambulance service, which I started purely for reasons of going to medical school. Little did I know how much that experience would change the way I look at things for good or how I most certainly wouldn't end up in medical school. (I woulda made one helluva plastic surgeon though).

Five years ago I was: (2001) Returning from Norway, where I had suckered some nice folks from Rotary to send me for the summer on their dime. What a great trip, touring the museums of Oslo, spending most afternoons on the beaches, drinking Norwegian beer till the wee hours, sleeping through (I mean I went and put my head down right on my desk) class, and generally watching the women. Man that country is full of beautiful women. Riding the T-banne to the Ski Jump from some prior Olympics, drinking more beer, meeting new people, (my roommate from Kosovo, who was Albanian and like to have some really hot smelly sex with this girl from Italy in our tiny dorm room (gross)), and just generally lacking in most all responsibility. Returning to Georgia, getting paid $400 to stay an extra night by Norwegian Air (gotta love that), and buying a Grayco paint sprayer so I could make some mulah before returning to Athens and finishing my last year in the Macc program at UGA.

Two Years Ago I was: (2004) A new homeowner. We had gutted the thing, started re-wiring it and I was about to start law school. I think august was spent fighting with the electrical inspector. For the interim, Wifey and I had rented a home on Vineville, where the train kept us up to the wee hours and our carpenter slept in a spare bedroom and was generally nasty to all. He coined the term, "rich people pepper" (anything in a grinder), which lives on in our household to this day. The rental was a step up for me, I live without hot water or A/C for the past 2 months. Wifey was stepping down from our apartment in Atlanta and this mismatch of expectations made the living there rather tenuous. Back at our new home, I was sweating getting the sheetrock in, not knowing I would have to put a new roof on the place or replace all the hardwood floors. I was hopeful that I would be finished soon, and unwittingly naive about this whole remodeling situation. Yes, I can do each task, no, I didn't know it would take this damn long. Nor did I know law school and life would consume as much of my time as it has or that I would be getting old and just plain crazy.

One year ago I was: (2005) Clerking at a law firm, starting back to school, and you guess it, still working on this house.

Yesterday I was: Still working on the house. However, there is an apartment upstairs, there are actually stairs, and we have a wonderful tenant who helps pay the mortgage. Specifically, I was fighting with her ice-maker, which in my opinion is the bane of all appliances to install because they are a huge pain in the ass. I cooked a fabulous dinner for some friends. Probably the best lamb I have done to-date, and the company was wonderful.

Today I was: Still working on the house. (you'd have never guessed? Would you?) I installed some drip irrigation on the back portch, painted a cabinet, hung some faux wood blinds and made many a trip to Lowes. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful hot ham and cheese crossant I had this morning from the Bagelry, (which isn't as good as it once was), but was still perfect this morning as the wine drenched lamb was leaving me in need of some solid breakfast food. Now, I've had a wonderful dinner from the Steak-n-Shake am typing this blog (and noticing that the leisure has left my summers) and will be heading out to see the new movie, Talladega Nights. Don't hold your breath for a review, I'm not into that. (I bet I eat my words on this.)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome lamb. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.