Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Let the Games Begin!

Well wifey has left for the beach (for 4 days!!) with her mother and Dora and I are home alone. It was my last day of work at Firm2 and here I sit on the couch, full of tasty mexican (well, moderately tasty as the new El Sombrero on Forsyth ain't much to brag about. The one downtown is tasty but this one sucks ass as my chicken fajhitas were rubbery and nothing was necessarily tasty.)

I started this lovely day at work, finished it up on the golf course, and well, now the couch. I must say I am a disgrace to home-alone celebration husbands everywhere as I have now settled in with some tasty heinekin and, you guessed it, a chick flick. Maybe even worse, North Country, that speaks of women's rights and sexual discrimination in traditionally male-dominated industry. Lets just say this is amazing. (frankly if you don't want to read my ramblings on life and politics, just stop here).

Anyways, I took labor law and am really quite liberal when it comes to equal rights. Its amazing how this movie has portrayed, in what I think is a realistic and reasonable way. Its just my sheltered mind and liberal, hippie parents never taught me how to think like this. I understand women and men are different. I don't beleive women and men are truly equal. There's just no way due to the fact that there are certain biological differences that make us just that, different. That being said, I do think most women can do the jobs of most men and that, intellecutally at least were are on equal footing. I beleive the studies that say most women are calmer and more rational men.. i think b/c I know some pretty hot-headed women, but regardless, women and men often think differently and I think we all have our own gifts.

So, its amazing to see the sexism and denigration of women portrayed in such a vivid and, what I beleive would be an accurate, if not tame, manner. In my labor law class we read some cases that illustrated this point. But the real life portrayal (at least on the big screne) is harsh and just damn. Amazing. I just can't beleive how people can think. I've seen this in the racial context in real life, but not so much in the sexual arena. I'm amazed. What a moving movie.

So, what else can a man say sitting on his couch at home alone on a Wednesday night?

GO GIRL POWER!!! If you think you can do it, go for it. Just don't ask me to birth a kid, cause I can't do it.

ADDENDUM: Just to prove what a dumb-ass I am, I will leave the above discussion posted, but would like to let it be know I wrote that b/f the court-room scene and should, from now on wait to post my thoughts on movies. Wifey says I have a strange way of prediciting plots and I guess I just did that subconciously with my bit of sarcasm above. If you haven't seen the movie, the you don't know how I just stuck my foot in my mouth and you should still watch it as its very moving and worthwhile.


Ally said...

It is crazy that in 2006 we're still dealing with blatant (you think they would at least try to hide it) sexism and racism. A potential employer told my best friend that she seemed really qualified but that he hated to hire a woman because she might get pregnant. A look at our Congress shows how grossly unrepresented women are in our law-making process. We've come a long way, but we have a long way to go.

Oh, send me the name of this movie--sounds like I'd probably like it.

icadle said...

ally, as I mentioned in my post, its "North Country" with Charlize Theron.

Ally said...

I even re-skimmed and missed it. Underline or italicize next time for skimmers like me! Happy Four Day Weekend!

cdp said...

You read some cases in your Labor Law class? That sounds like fun. I got my ass handed to me in my Labor Law class. I mean, I read some cases, too. Mostly I just had my ass handed to me. I did hand Baldwin's back to him a time or three; but it seems the memories of being dressed down in front of 30 of my colleagues are a touch more vivid than those of my having illustrated my overwhelming brilliance. Then again, there was that one memorable case; you know - the one about the dude that took the dildo to work and then filed a union grievance? Let's see . . . do I remember any other Labor Law cases? Hmm. Lechmere, Republic Aviation, Darlington Mfg., (was that one?); Gisel (of the 10(j) injunction and the bargaining order as remedy for 8(a)(1) and 8(a)(3) violations) . . . Dude. Is this really all I can remember? I nearly suffered an untimely and unpleasant death as a result of the amount of work I did for that class. Oh, wait. Exchange Parts, Katz, First National Maintenance, Excelsior; Truitt; and that railroad case. What was that one called? The "fairly, impartially, and in good faith" case.

And of course, who can forget Prof. Baldwin's Doctrine of Original Sin?

Okay seriously, perhaps I should ramble on my own blog. I loved the movie; now I'll just forever associate it with organized labor. And we know what that means. CHOIR? Everybody's favorite professor! :-)