Tuesday, August 01, 2006

An Ankle Update

Well, the ankle has finally begun to recover. I guess I just need to accept these things no longer heal in a day or two. Several rounds of anit-inflamatories, icing it, and elevation apparently actually do work. There is a nice bruise that is just begining to form where it was most painful on the night I did the damage, so I hope that is a sign of deep, intense healing that will allow me to enjoy my 3-L year with my classmates who will be on the golf course and everywhere but at school celebrating their last year before entering (or in my case, re-entering) the real world of daily duties at something people seem to call a JOB. Seriously.

Come to think of it, my tour at two, well-respected, super-high quality firms has almost come to an end. Someone asked me what the difference between the two was, and in all honesty its difficult to define. Both firms have very intelligent people, a partnership of all ages, hard workers, and diverse practices. Both focus on law with a corporate bent, but neither are truly "corporate" firms (think office-space). The difference really lies in the people and their personalitites. Both focus on quality legal work and servicing their clients. Both focus on billable hours and keeping track of how their resources are use. Both have fun social events. I would really be honored to work, on a more full-time basis, at either of them.

So, how are they different. One had a research program I prefer, the other made more limited use of it. One allowed us access at all hours, the other didn't. One had Natalia's crabcakes, the other didn't. One had the secretaries bring breakfast on fridays, the other didn't. One had group lunch outings on a regular basis, the other didn't. So, in those ways, yes, the firms were different. But seriously, are those really differences?

I took my first job at a place where I was certain I would quit after 2 years. I knew my days were limited so I chose somewhere I could get in and get out and not make anyone angry. They did the big dinners, the fancy parties, the ridiculous Christmas extravaganza, offered "rotations" to exotic destinations (to do accounting none-the-less), and really doted on their recruits. Frankly, I hated it. I don't intend to make that same mistake again. In seeking my start for my second, and hopefully, God willing, last career. I am looking for somewhere to settle into. Somewhere I can work my ass off and be rewarded for it. Somewhere I am proud to call my place of employment and somewhere I can make people proud the chose to employ me. And though they are different, I would gladly start my legal career at either one. Let's all pray someone thinks enough of me to say, "You're hired."


Very Cool Associate at One of Those Firms said...

Wait just a minute....I think you forgot to mention that one of the firms has a super cool associate that makes coming to work that much more fun (or more tolerable--depending on whether you're in your third year of work or your third week as a summer associate). And the "other" firm may have made their secretaries bring in breakfast, but which firm has an associate who is always willing to share oatmeal, peppermints, and red hots? And has a diabetic's nightmare spread of Grant's pastries once a month? You can't beat those cinnamon rolls.

I'm anxious to see how this will play out for you, but I have complete confidence that you'll have no difficult getting a job.

Blogrilla said...

I see that you finally figured out sitemeter. It's oddly addictive. Congrats!