Monday, July 31, 2006

Drink or Drown

Well I had the pleasure of my first innertube experience I have had in a very long time. The last time I rode an innertube down a river was back in the day - i was well below driving age, when we would take our annual family trip to Helen, Ga. and tube down the river. I found this great fun, cold as hell, and exciting. (We even saw Conway Twitty and George Jones at this event - bonus days? oh yeah) So, tubing as a juvinile was great fun

However, I recently tubed on a nice warm Georgia river and must say it was quite fun. Lots of sun, and lots and lots of beer. A canoe accompanied us and kept everyone with a cold beverage in had. Unfortunately, it is difficult to realize how much consumption has occurred. I never had that, "gawd I'm so drunk" feeling when I stand up from the sitting position, but let me tell you, getting out of that tube was a potentially life changing experience. I'm told I behaved fairly well as the wifey was there, but just durn I remember standing up and being all woozy. Good times, and I think everyone else was in the same condition.


Ally said...

I recently enjoyed a canoe trip down this same river. It's very peaceful and made me wonder why I don't ever do stuff like that. So you didn't say or do anything embarassing in your drunken state? Why are you clerks so clean cut this summer?? I'd like some scandal!

cadlized said...

you are so demanding