Thursday, July 20, 2006

Old Flames

Its always interesting when two people who dated long ago decide to find each other and meet up for drinks, dinner, or who knows what. So many questionmarks. Possible more than on any blind date. This is serious fodder for a new reality show. I suggest integrating the bubble commentary as seen on the famous "Blind Date." Lets do a little he's thinking she's thinking.

She's Thinking:

Is it a date? Will he offer to pay? Where will we go? Will old flames be rekindled only to be doused by reality? Is he fat? Will those old feelings of passion re-emerge? Can we just sit and eat as "friends"? Will he try and give me a "good night kiss"..will I like it? maybe more?
Will he talk about his wife? Will he squirm when I ask? What are his intentions? Are the noble? Does he love her? What about his kids? Are they good kids? Is he a good dad?

He's Thinking:

I wonder what she looks like? I hope she's still hot.. Is she seeing anyone? Is this going to be awkward? Wonder if she's seeing anyone? Think she'd still be interested in me?
Is she goign to ask about my wife? I hope not. Hmmm. wonder how the pictures of the kid will go over? Will she order the lobster like she always did? Should I pay? I should pay.
Will she still think i'm good looking? Will we still have that old connection?

Well, here we go....

tune in at 11

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