Thursday, July 27, 2006

Getting Old is Hard to Do

I injured my left ankle while running at 10:30 down a little residential street near my house. I really enjoy the late night running when it finally cools off and there is little traffic. So, I beleive I was listening to some enrique iglesies when I finally started to pick up some speed and all the sudden my ankle was turning and I was deciding how I should fall (eat pavement or roll?). Fortunately I didn't injure myself in the fall, but durn if I didn't hurt my ankle.

So I did what any young, somewhat fit, american male would do, I started trying to keep running. Amazingly I made it home, and was in pain, but not that bad. the shin splints were much worse. However, I had to play golf the next day. I was fine for the first 7 holes. Then things went bad. I reinjured it on the last hole. painful.

So, I then tryed to play golf again. heinious idea. Was supposed to play on Saturday, but I canceled. I guess I'll just be sitting at home, watching HBO and icing my foot, like I am right now, at work.


Blogrilla said...

You're going to have blame this one on Enrique Iglesia. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape that listening to his music is always a bad idea and leads to disaster? I don't know, but I hope your ankle heals quickly.

Ally said...

We're ready for a new post...what do you expect me to be doing at work with no new posts?

Mr. Iam Ghey said...

I just read your blog and wondered if you're the young man who often runs in spandex running shorts and makes me all hot and bothered.