Saturday, April 22, 2006

King of the Road - NYC - Pennsyltucky

Ahh, spring break arrived at last. I celebrated with a trip to see my biology professor from community college who has retired to Pennsylvania. I have flow to see them several time, but this trip was meant to be driven. So, I started out in my Ford Explorer, (yes a solo road trip in a gas guzzling SUV makes the ethicists cringe, but what can i say, SUV's eat the ozone, hey, everybody's got to eat something*)

After 14 hours of driving through the states of GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, MD, and PA, i finally arrive in Pennsylvania. My friends live in a beautiful 1900's farm house on 40+ acres and have more china, silver and fine antiques than anyone i have ever seen. Oddly enough, the also continue to possess every magazine, book or scrap of paper that ever crossed their paths. Therefore, the beautiful home is packed full of stuff and navigable via pigpath to whichever room you seek. However, once you arrive at said room, you will find there is really nowhere left for you in that room. its a frustrating process. Furthermore, the chairs being as old as the house, you wonder if its going to break each time you place your ass in it. It is also important to remember a person with advanced Parkinsons lives here, so i don't see how he gets around, but he does. He also creates some beautiful artwork.

All-in-all, that leg of the trip was successful. I saw my friends, he gave me some of his artwork, i procured meats, beer, and stone for my patio. Good times.

Great times were had as i drove to NYC to see Surrency, a college roommate. We had dinner at Brother Jimmy's - a fine BBQ establishment featuring "White-Trash-Wednesdays" where one got 25% off with an id from a southern state. After all the wings, ribs, and beer I could consumer, we reminisced about good times had in my trailer at 5 Aurora Way.

The trip home was uneventful. 12 hours - oh yeah - i got pulled over but the police in Duluth Georgia. I swerved as I was talking on the phone and Blue Lights - he thought i was drunk or running drugs so he searched my car - "whats all this meat for?..... Do you drive stones back and forth?....What do you do anyways???... You sure you haven't been doing drugs??.... And why were you in New York City again???" All fun questions with strange answers. I must say he was professional, courteous and thorough. Thank you Mr. Policeman. I probably needed to stand on the road and take a break anyways.

*Celia Rivenbark, We're Not Better than you, Just Purtier.

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