Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finals, Take-Homes, and Cramming

I hate take homes. They are just too much damn work. Give me an exam and a deadline and a time and place to show up and I'm cool. Then I'll take my ass home and drink a beer instead of stress for however many hours i get to take the exam home.

Finals - this is the most arbitrary and irrational act of law school. Just throw them down the stairs, assign some grades and lets all go home happy.

Cramming - its a way of life. Wonder what I'm gonna do when i get a real job....


Ally said...

If everyone would just turn in a blank piece of paper, everyone would make an 82.5 or whatever the grades have to average out to for the curve. Now that would be smart and save everyone a lot of stress and work.

icadle said...

i have advocated that strategy till i'm blue in the face. people are too scared.