Sunday, April 09, 2006

Birthday in Review... what i remember of it

I must say the birthday celebration this year was tremendous. Great gifts - thank you everyone! Also, three continuous days of partying and friends. Good times.

Special moments:

Statesboro Moment: "Legends...CLOSED, Nickel.....CLOSED, But now all we got is the FIESTY GOAT... what the hell is that?"

Pyro Moment: After Mado threw the close beer bottle 1/3 full of gasoline, shattering it on the brick left in front of the fire, and the resulting fireball, and the subsequent small fire under the fence near the neighbor's garage, "It seemed like the thing to do at the time??"

Ghetto Moment: "I love it when white people talk black" Chi Chester's Customer after overhearing Liz and Leslie make birthday celebration plans in what is not their typical dialect.

Macon Moment: "Why is that old woman staring at me??? I mean my god, Tara only wears body paint when she goes out in Statesboro..."

Best Voice Mail EVER Moment: HAPPY BIRTHDAY old shit, I don't know how old you are, i think its like old as time, but you're old!!! So happy birhday i hope you get really drunk tonight or tomorrow or sometime very near in the future. SO, Call me back, Its your little sister!!

Bowling Moment:
So... somebody ask those kids what prom they were at earlier.... WESTSSIDE!!!!
Seriously dude, That chick in the yellow dress is wearing a garter belt... look over there!!!

Shammy Moment: Girl Scout Cookie shots with Dargan's Sister, who also attended the fabulous Mercer Institute of Law Training.

A truly happy birthday!!!

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