Friday, March 31, 2006


A Disclaimer: First, talking about yourself, movies, tv shows and pop culture are way over blogged. But hey, What the hell else do we have to talk about?

HBO has a new show, Big Love, which I'm sure many have seen. Lets just say it ain't no Sopranos. This damn show is absolutely PAINFUL to watch. This dude has three wives - frankly, this is the definition of INSANITY in my book.

Personally I have a lovely wife, a beautiful tenant who lives in our apartment upstairs and a fabulous friend who are all, wait for it..... female! Now, the needs of these folks can be a bit more than I can handle from time to time. Being married to all three and living in two houses and having one wanting a car and being the sole income earner and a myriad of other considerations.....I'm about to explode.

Simply - this TV show is like watching a horror movie. You just can't look away but you know you don't really want to know if Candyman is going to appear or not. Its a forgone conclusion, Candyman IS going to come out and kill everyone and there will be nothing left. Just like all these women are going to knife each other and take the idiot husband with them. Maybe they'll have to cancel the show and film more episodes of Entourage. That would make me most happy.

57 channels and nuthin on.

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