Thursday, March 30, 2006


In a fit of stupidity/clarity (which I often find go hand in hand) I decided to get a Masters Degree in Accounting. Still under this deceiving fog, I decided to go work for KPMG ( and try and receive my CPA certification. This was back during the Anderson/Enron debacle and we were give the privilege of waiting all summer, and part of the fall, until October 1 to start. I should have gone to work somewhere else because I knew I was going to law school at the first possible moment and I totally should have known, after SEVEN years in a school of "higher education." that Law School was most definitely going to start before October 1.

But, hindsight is 20/20 and I started work, only to quit 21 months later. I need 24 months of work and 4,000 hours to qualify. Yes, I have passed the HEINOUS exam. So, now I only need 200 hours over the course of three months to get the privilege of applying to the Board for licensure. However, in order to get those 200 hours, I had to beg a friend to PLEASE PLEASE give me some research to do, at my leisure preferably.

He said the assignments are coming....I'm still waiting for him to call.

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