Tuesday, January 06, 2009

10 Interesting things about me...

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10 Interesting things about me...

1. I like to fix things. I've been fixing to fix my house for going on five years now.

2. My house does not have termintes. The guy came today and we got a clean bill of health.

3. All of our cars have at least 120K miles on them. That says something about me.

4. I am succeeding with this diet. From 223.3 pounds to 208 so far. We're moving along nicely.

5. That siren in the background is driving me crazy

6. I generally do not play golf in the winter time.

7. I have ripped 1/2 of the stucco off the side of the house

8. I got so busy I forgot to post this entry that was drafted on the 6th

9. I weighted less than 200 pounds this week

10. We hit up the Japanese Steak house in town. I doubt I'm below 200 right now...

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Ally said...

Sounds like you've had a busy month. Nice work with the weight loss, especially during the holidays. Good luck with these last few days of billing.