Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The great Larry Munson announced yesterday that he would not be doing the play-by-play on any more football games at the University of Georgia. Its amazing that such an anouncement can be a truly profound reminder of the things that are important in life.

For me, the memories of Munson calling the dogs hail back to listening to the radio and watching the Dawgs on the 13' color TV in my parents house while Hershel Walker was driving down the field for the score. Of Boy Scout Hiking trips where we would hike for miles punctuating the great outdoors with hoots and calls as Larry fed us the play-by-play. Of working in the yard with my dad to build some new structure or hang something from a tree while we listened to Larry deliver his rendition of the the news from Athens. Of moving off to college and driving my finger into the roof of the ceiling as we finally beat Florida in 1997 after the dark years of Donnan. Of toiling on my own home and listening to Larry call the plays as I fought my own battles with tile and plumbing fixtures.

Its amazing how one person can be so inextricably intwined with the fabric of one's life. Larry will be missed but his legend and the memories associated with him will live on for an eternity.

Thanks Larry!


Anonymous said...

Good dedication to your fav announcer

cdp said...

I will forever associate football with the sound of that man's voice.