Friday, September 26, 2008

INC, Certified Public Accountant


The Board of Accountancy accepted my application and I am now a licensed Certified Public Accountant. So very exciting.

Wifey and I went to the Marco to celebrate last night and finally were able to get the four course tasting menu. It was really, really excellent. We've been eyeing this menu every time we go in there but they normally have some kind of fish on it and wifey just doesn't eat fish. So, each time we pass until last night. Man, it was something. Four courses: (1) shrimp&arugla salad with a really great pinot, (2) beef ragu over fresh pasta with a mabec, (3) lamb and a great cabernet, (4) homemade cheesecake and frangelica, (5) peach cocktail of differnt peach alcohols combined with whipped cream and shaken.

We got 5 because our waiter wants to go to law school and, well, that's something I can talk about.

September has been a great month folks.


cdp said...

Well, I was already happy for you; but tasty dinner at Marco? I'm even happier now!

Congrats again. We're so proud of you!

Ally said...

Congratulations!! Now you're SUPER accomplished:) Does this mean you can increase your billable rate? I think it does:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I may email you later with an accounting question.

Kelly and Steve said...

Hey Ivy! Glad you found us on facebook. Congrats on the CPA. Don't know where the heck Marco is, but want to eat there now.

Hope you're doing well! Come visit anytime - maybe one year VT will play GA - unlikely, but one can hope. Too bad about last weekend. I'm sure your dawgs will rebound!