Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Urge You to Shop at IKEA with CAUTION!!

Let me say, I for one, will never shop at Ikea again. I went to the store and had a great time looking around with my friend Tiff. We looked at most all the items and had a good time checking out the merchandise. She found the bed she wanted and wrote down some notes and we went to the part of the store where they actually keep the inventory you can buy - the unassembled furnuture in boxes.

Well, come to find out, we are missing one of the three boxes necessary to assemble this bed. Being a veteran of such big box stores and having done more than one inventory observation myself, I look for the item SKU and then look for a pallet with the same lable. Finding one, I happily go get a staff member and tell them we need something pulled out of overhead. He relies, "We can't"

YOU WHAT?? - ok - calm down, "excuse me - there is a pallet we need pulled out of overhead and if you could pretty please with sugar on top get it down for me we can leave you alone for eternity."

Can't do it - Evidently IKEA, which advertises itself as a desitination store where you can get anything in the world and they love everyone in the world has a store policy against pulling any overhead stock while any customers are in the store. That's right I said, ANY CUSTOMERS IN THE STORE

Because, we were offered the alternative to return when the store closed to get the bed. Frankly at this point in time, I'm like F- it, a $175 bed ain't worth all this, but Tiff wanted this bed, so we come back at 9:00pm and wait - we wait untill each and every person checks out and exits the store, and then, get this, some asshole comes over and tells us we need to go outside so they can pull the furniture. The forklift would be over 100 yards away, in a completely seperate room, but we have to go outside in the cold and rain and wait.

We got the bed. But I'll never go to IKEA again.


Ally said...

I got some frames there, and they are so cheaply made that they won't stand up. I get that you can get some really cheap stuff....but with a story like that, it hardly seems worth it.

Anonymous said...

Ivy was a trooper - thank you - and i also hate Ikea now. It looks like we're part of the I Hate Ikea nation.... http://howaboutthisfuckingaddress.blogspot.com/2005/10/ikea.html

A very grateful Tif

Anonymous said...

That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of!!! At least Sam's blocks off both ends of the aisle, even if they don't bother with who is on the next aisle over. IKEA sucks...I don't think we have them here anyway.