Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Life

Well folks, howdy. The sentence for the day - I NEED ME SOME CLIENTS!!! no, I don't have a bar card yet, but in anticipation of that wonderful day, I think I need to find me some clients and get some job security. If you are wanting some law type work done and want to pay for it, I am your guy. However, I expect most of my readers either 1) don't need my services as they are already similarly trianed, or 2) expecting me to give them my services for free. Where should I go to get me some clients? any ideas?

In other news, work is going well. I observed a deposition to day. Good stuff. I am working on my CPA license stuff, which I didn't realize all the work I had completed was stolen with my computer. As well as my resume. In other news, my father said I may just be an overpaid secretary and sometimes I wonder. But i do think I bring value to the proposition, whatever it may be.


Anonymous said...

Dude, for the first year or so you WILL be an overpaid secretary. It's how it works. With that out of the way, come up to ATL. TMS

cdp said...

I 1) am similarly trained and 2) would like your services for free.

Can I be your client?

Wifey said...

Well, what kind of clients are you looking for? I'm sure if you spent a few days hanging out at the courthouse, you'd have a few. Granted, they probably couldn't pay you and probably commited felonies, but they'd still be happy to be your clients.

Ally said...

Is there pressure for a first year associate to find clients? Or is this self-induced?

I think you're at least an overpaid paralegal:)

icadle said...

very much self induced. but i think having clients serves an attorney well. no time to start like the present.