Saturday, November 25, 2006

Who Let the Dawgs OUT??

Well, for starters, I do feel sympathetic for tech fans. To be ranked 15 and be the second "big" game victory against a team that has struggled through a season and lost some pretty "small" games, you have to give them a nod of the hat for that. Good news for the jackets though, Mr. Reggie Ball is off to the NF...well, who knows. But he is off. They're also headed to the ACC Championship, so i must give the jackets a nod. They played a good game.

From the other side, my true self, I must give Mr. Stafford a hearty pat on the ass and the pretty little blonde cheerleader a true WWII era smooch in the middle of the street to the ticker tape fanfare of a great day. Our beloved bulldogs pulled off what may have been one of the biggest upsets of the season. I'm especially happy because ending on such a high note will allow Coach to contnue what he does best, call pla... I mean recruit. Georgia has plain and clear potential to excel next year and the recruits can now see it as plainly as I. So, next year, we may just be in the top 10 in a more legitimate fashion that this one.

So, in conclusion, tip of the hat to both teams for a game well played. Thanks for a couple hours of mental vacay while I procrastinate this durn trial notebook a lil' longer.


Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray (for the Dawgs, not your procrastination)!! Hope wifey is all better!

cdp said...

Nice game indeed. I was particularly pleased because I had money on the Dawgs by 3. Hold my beer while I pat myself on the back. So, my whole family owed me a doll . . . some money. Anyhoo. Gambling has always been one of my strong suits. It's good I can't really afford to do it.

Of course, the Notre Dame-USC game that followed totally killed my buzz, but whatever. I hate Pete Carroll. And his team. What a bunch of lilly livered california pansies. BLECH. I HATE THEM! Looks like the Irish are getting the Rose Bowl though, which is still respectable. We're losing Brady (sigh . . . ) this year. But, we've got a top-5 recruiting class, so here's to next year!

And go Dawgs!