Friday, November 24, 2006

An Odd Sort of Thanksgiving

Well, this hasn't been the greatest thanksgiving ever. I have lots to be thankful for, oddly enough, I was reminded of that as Don and I installed a directtv dish on the barn (2 actually) so we can have football parties and what-not down there. Its great to have a brother like him. Someone who understands my pronouns, will argue for hours with me, but humbly accepts when maybe he was wrong (and that goes both ways). he's just a great guy.

I also have a wonderful family to be thankful for. Mom put out the spread as usual, dad was, well dad, entertaining and busy. My sister was.... well loud. But I'm thankful for her too.

However, when you have an extended family celebration, it can be difficult to be thankful for some of your relatives. My aunt is loud and bossy, but she does make a great pecan pie. My uncle is mostly just loud and uninformed, but i guess i should be thankful for his enthusiasm. My in-laws were vocal about their opinions on cats, but the were sweet to my dog, so there's something. The cousins were all fun this year. I also saw an old film of the 'boro that was made in the late 40's so that was fun as well.

Unfortunately, Wifey got sick on wednesday night and was in bed all day on T-day. Hence, making me thankful for wifey and sad she wasn't around very much. She's feeling better now though.

always thankful for my dog who came home with me. Took a walk this afternoon, and has otherwise been passed out on the couch.

I can say I'm not very thankful for all this work that forced me to miss rib day, but then again, I'll be thankful for this degree sometime in what I hope will be the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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