Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You too can control your outbreaks with a HUGE purple pill

Well damn if i don't have the herpes.

My left shoulder has broken out with a damn rash that absofuckinglutely hurts. N0, it doesn't itch, it hurts. So badly so that I actually went to the doctor. Evidently I'm the poster child for shingles. Shingles is caused by the virus Herpes Zoster, which gave most everyone chicken-pox back in the first grade. Well, evidently the virus never really goes away and will come back as a rash. Furthermore, if the person you are sleeping with has already had chicken pox, you don't spread the virus. That dear person already has it. This also goes for friends. If that dear person is going to get shingles, they will do so as a result of their own relationship with their own dormant virus, not mine.

Also, valtrex is damn expensive. The pills are huge - 1000mg, and they cost about $12 bucks apiece. When you take 3 for 7 days, that gets expensive. Amazingly, my insurance covered all but $30 bucks of this.

Hence, I am now controlling my outbeak with valtrex. Thank god most people only get this damn rash once.

PS - its always fun when the entire staff of the student health center parades through your exam room b/c you are a textbook case of something they don't see much. Shingles are usually reserved for the older people. Significantly older than me anyways.


Ally said...

You should be in one of those cool commercials....good thing you're married and won't have to bust out this contorted explanation of why you're taking Valtrex on a second date...

cdp said...

You are a total freak. Shingles? Surely you can come up with a better excuse than that for having to take Valtrex. I highly doubt the nice ladies at Student Health get THAT excited about shingles. Just admit it, dude. You've got the funk. Don't worry, you're in good company. Georgia is like one of the most STD-laden states in the union. See . . . for once, you finally fit in. Embrace your herpes!