Sunday, October 22, 2006

I ain't doin shiat today

Well, thats not true. I made eggs benedict for breakfast, have some ham soup on. Considering working in the back yard, but I dvr'd an entire day of cooking shows and home improvement from pbs yesterday, so, I'm about to run out which may result in me doing something.

In other news, I have been doing carpentry like a mad man. Bookshelves in the bedroom are now installed and i don't think there is any more exposed insulation in the house. Also, I built some shelving in the water heater cablinet. Alas, I must start being a student again here very soon. Unfortunate really.


Ally said...

You pretty much suck at being lazy. Sorry, it's true.

icadle said...

so - yesterday i 1)made breakfast, 2) made some soup 3) walked the dog 4) watched tv.

thats pretty lazy

Ally said...

5) You wrote a blog post.

icadle said...

ok. so maybe i not so good at being lazy