Monday, August 21, 2006

It & It Finally Happened

Today was big. In several ways. I finally began my third, and what I hope will be my final year as a law student. I had one class. It started at 8:30. At least if forces me out of bed. We are learning about the "Law of Lawyering," which I think should be titled the "Law of Lawyers." I love how this particular instution loves the them "Lawyering." Exactly what is lawyering anyways? I can think of Laboring, which implies sweating profusely as you turn human pack animal and ferry bricks across some sun-soaked construction site, covered in dirt and smelling like a burro, or maybe Accounting, where you look at numbers in 8 point font on a ledger size piece of paper till you eyes cross and you fingers are bloody from ten-key reclaculations. Or maybe Plumbing, where you run pipes under a house that practically sits directly on the ground or squeeze your entire arm into some dark recess trying to glue some pipes together... But I thought the act of being a lawyer was called 'Practicing" I didn't know you could lawyer as you practice, know as "Lawyering" here atop Coleman hill. Who knew? You do learn something every day.

In other "Big Day" news (i'm into the quotes today, can you tell?) WE GOT SOME DAMN DOORS UP IN HERE!! Yes, my bedroom may actually have a door sometime in, oh, the next six weeks. Its is very exciting. I purchased doors in the original style of the house and am planning on reusing the little crystal knobs b/c I think they are cool, but otherwise, they aren't warped, they have nice, smooth working hinges, and they are pre-hung, which means I may be able to install more than one door a month. This is very exciting news.


Ally said...

It never occurred to me until I read your blog that "lawyering" isn't a word. Just one more sign that that class is a total waste of time and should be removed from the curriculum. Do you have ole' chip on the shoulder for it?

Leslie said...

lawyering....perhaps it is really just a word to describe a fat man, resembling santa claus or an angry badger, standing in front of a room of 125 students and pretending to impart ethical wisdom while gripping a mug labeled "#1 Dad"