Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Clothes and a Good Weekend

Well this is the first weekend I've actually slept in my bed for three nights in some time. Its quite the expreience, i highly recomend it if you have the means. Did i stay in town? hell no. I made my third trip of the week to Atlanta yesterday to buy some clothes, well actually I went to Dawsonville b/c i love me some Brooks Brothers suits but can't afford the regular variety so I limit my shopping to the outlet mall. Which was still damn expensive, but i did get me some wonderful blue ties and now, hopefully, i won't feel like I wearing the same thing day after day.

I took my friend Tiffany, who did dictation the whole way up there, which is really funny when someone is citing the same case over and over and over again. (she has a pretty hot dictation voice btw- the crappy microphone makes it kinda raspy which i seem to like). Tiff helped me pick out some great ties and it was really good to hang with her over the weekend. She's going through a tough transition in Atlanta, working hard and ... well working hard. I've been there and it sucks, but I'm really proud of her and think she's the greatest.

Also, I got my lawnmower back on saturday. That was sweet. It was embarassing as part of the problem was my idiot self installed the blade upside down and, well, it wasn't working to its fullest potential.

My other trip to Atlanta was for a deposition of an expert witness. I'm really enjoying my job and I was fortunate enough to get asked to attend a deposition regarding a dispute over accounting concepts and the preparation of financial statements. So fun when you can come out swinging and exceed an imporant partner's expectations. Lets just say the deposition went very well, in my not-so-humble opinion.

As for the previous trip to Atlanta, I was there tuesday night also to see Dave Chappelle. What a great show. I was so impressed the racial mix of the crowd was pretty evenly split and the Tabernacle is really a great place to see an act. Dave did some hilarious numbers, about the show Cheaters, which he re-enacted in full, nailing the white dude and the swat team mentality of the production, talked about racial issues and his trip to Africa. I think he felt like Comedy Central's "bottom bitch".

So, all in all, a busy but good week. Now, back to work.

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