Monday, June 19, 2006

Fathers Remembered.

disclaimer: long & nostalgic.
I must say I have a wonderful father's day. My parents threw a party for over 175 guests. We had tons of food, a cast iron tub slam full of excellent beer, a band, and lots of friends to celebrate with. Why? Because my father simply wanted to throw a party. (despite rampant speculation he would be announcing his canadicy for superior court judge, which he would not do for 2 reasons, 1)my mother, and 2) he would have to work normal hours, but i digress...)

This weekend was a wonderful reminder of how much I love and respect my father. I strive to live a life as fully and successfully as he does. It was absolutely amazing to see the sheer number and quality of people who came out to a party held really, for "no particular reason." Furthermore, the way my parents worked together to pull off this enormous event was absolutely amazing. Were they stressed out? God yes, but through it all, I don't recall them getting cross with each other or making a scene. Maybe i was too busy grilling the three 5-gallon buckets of marinated chicken breasts. But I doubt it.

My real reminder came when I remembered my computer and all my research for work was sitting in the barn, but I was back in Macon. I called home, woke dad up from an afternoon nap, and tried, to politely ask (in an implied way) him to fly my lost bag to me in macon. He obliged and less than two hours later, I was back to work. I arrived at Herbert Smart as they were on final approach and it was so much fun to see my parents, with their bose headsets and little cessna taxi over and totally remedy the mistake of their adult child. They looked like they were having so much fun, just flying around, enoying the weather, and to some extent their success in life. (even though the didn't really achieve a stated goal of having me keep up with my belongings...)

As I drove back to work, I thought about my mom, about how she must have been too busy to talk about missing her father. This was her first father's day without pop, and after 50+ years of having him around, that had to be hard. We all miss him. He was such a wonderful and understated man. I will always remember his quiet, soothing presence. When he was around, could always be comfortable. He was the most comfortable person in his own skin I do beleive I have ever met. He could sit and talk with people, sit and watch tv, or simply sit in our kitchen and sip a 7&7 and be content to just be there. I know he missed my grandmother terribly after she passed, but I think he would have never moved down here if that hadn't happened. We got to spend 5 really good years with him. Its a period of time I won't ever forget.

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