Monday, May 29, 2006

Woefully Middleclass

A friend recently said, "Making big plans for Memorial Day is SO middle class"

After a good, rather unplanned Memorial Day weekend, I feel obliged to evaluate this statement in light of my personal experience. I must say, I rather disagree.

My weekend started out with a solid dose of yardwork and general work on my house. (btw - the bathroom is coming along nicely.) I then decided we should go spend the day on the lake with Boone and Arod. I can't say I have ever really spent the day in the lake. We arrived at 11, ice the beer, walked down to the dock, grabbed the nearest flotation device and began an 8 hour oddysey of waterlogging our bodies in the murky waters of Lake Sinclair.

As a child, my parents never showed much interest in a Lake of any sort. In fact, they are Vacation Nomads. We don't own a lake home, a time share (though I was 12 and toured one and would have bought in RIGHT THEN if it were up to me), or a condo. We could, but we don't. My only visits to the lake were as part of the annual Parker Family Reunion, with some of the oddest relatives I can admit to having. Hence, the idea of leisurely floating in the lake, drinking beer and sunning one's self was quite foreign to me. We are people of motion, working in the yard or traveling on a multipart vacation. We simply don't sit still well.

However, I found this day of communing with the fishes, the American heritage of Budweiser in a can, and multiple applications of sunscreen quite theraputic. We didn't even have a boat or other vestige of marine wealth at our disposal. We stayed the night (unplanned as well) and continued to enjoy the friendship and beverages on the dock till the late hours when even the mosquitos have gone to bed.

And I must say, though it may be somewhat middle class to enjoy frolicking in the dirty waters surrounded by trailers and people who actually work for a living, I think its great fun and rises well above this insulting misnomer brandied about by someone who proclaims to be of octogenerian and the shining son of a legal dynasty.

Now, who has that foam noodle shaped like a devil's head?

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