Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February is a Short Month

It just never seems that February has enough days go get it all done. Not that I have items that I must accomplish every thirty days but it always seems that February is over before you know it. We havee been busy this month. I finished up my hours goal for the end of January and all the spill-over seemed to hit about a week ago. There are bills to enter in the computer and the study that I had so clean just a few months ago is now trashed again. I guess that will be a goal sometime soon. As for the house, it rained most of the weekend and we didn't get to work. My work partner left to go skiing for a week and he has returned and the forecast is promising so I hope to get alot done this week.

Valentines was good. We just went to Jim Shaw's and had baskets of this and that. Speaking of food, I have to return to the nutritionist today and I am down a couple pounds but not where I want to be. I'll just have to keep moving with the diet. About 23 pounds to go. Good times.

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Ally said...

I just remembered how short February is yesterday when I was trying to put things on the calendar. I'm glad it's a short month though...I'm ready for more sunshine and warmer weather (although I'm grateful for the sunshine today even if it is cold). Nice work with all of your goal setting. I'm going to set some for the rest of this month too.