Monday, November 17, 2008

First time We Froze

Well the temperatures finally reached freezing this morning. It was very cold. To me anyways.

We had a great weekend. Down to the 'Boro for a randome party and to drop off some lumber and doors. We then returned to Macon and cleaned and got caught up on a bunch of house work and maintenance. Good times.

I am still stoked about the bagging mower. Our yard was full of leaves yesterday and, walaha, 1 hour alter, no leaves and all the clippings were packed into our trash can without the need for putting them in plastic bags. Good stuff.

Our former roommate returned last night. We all had a good time having a few beers and watching to football game in what was her apartment.

Good times.

I hope you too had a great weekend!

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Ally said...

It was a great weekend...of course as far as I am concerned, any weekend is a good weekend.

It was cold in C-town too, and the forecast is COLD all week long. Oh well, maybe global warming is just a myth.