Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Short Week & A New Transmission

Well, not a totally new transmission, but a re-built one. $1,550 dollars later, the 2002 explorer will ride again. Thank god for the Corolla.

I'm off to Nashville tomorow for a firm event. We have a wedding down on the coast this weekend but there is a tiny hurricane brewing in the bahammas so, we'll have to wait and see how it works out. I don't think the thing is going to hit at this second but I'm not weather man.

I was reminded of my trailer-park neighbor yesterday. His name was Mr. Benny. He liked to work on lawn mowers and he and I would always horse trade to keep me in a good lawnmower in working condition. He was a good man. The guy repairing my transmission reminded me of Mr. Benny and I hope he is just as fair and does an equally excellent job. We'll find out soon enough!


Ally said...

I guess that's still better than car payments.

Let me know if you're coming through Dalton or Chattanooga around dinner time. If not, have a great time Nashvegas!

Anonymous said...

You're in Nashville? know who else lives here, right??? lol

I live near Opry Mills so send me an email if you are close.