Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trial is Over and It's Raining

It was a successful week in Canton where one of the most attentive juries I will probably ever see found just and adequate compensation to be 223,000. The other side said it should be 65k and we said 500k so the jury more or less split the middle. However, at any one time, at least five of these good people were taking notes, paying attention and nodding along. I was really impressed that they managed to hang in there for a three day trial and then they spent almost an entire day deliberating. It's neat when the system works.

In other news, Wifey is joining the Junior League and she is riding in a trolly all day seeing the sites in the rain. This tropical storm is giving us some rain and some moderate wind. We'll take it. I need to get to work on the bills and other household matters but I thought I should deliver the good news first.


Ally said...

Yeah for good juries!

It seems that I'm now doing condemnation work too. I may need your help:) (although so far it seems fairly simple)

Anonymous said...

I hope the person/company deserved the 223K.

We need rain here SO bad!!!