Thursday, July 10, 2008

Whats going on?

Hope ya'll are doing well. We had a good 4th of July - just going to the pool and grilling hamburgers and watching some fireworks. Good times. Sory it has been so quiet around here. I'm working my butt off this month to make up my hours for the good times we had back in June. Hopefully this push will put me on the positive side for the better part of the year.

We had a great sushi dinner last night with some new friends we started hanging out with at the Bar meeting. I always like new friends.

I hope yous guys are doing well.


Ally said...

Do I know your new friends? It's always refreshing to meet cool people who actually live in Maconga.

Anonymous said...

Sushi...I want some!!! I'll even be your friend, too.