Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Twitty Bird and Sylvester the Cat

So I spent the day in Atlanta yesterday. Client business in the morning, work from our office during the afternoon. Dinner with a friend. Great day.

Then I get in the car around 9 p.m. for the 90 minute ride home and the wifey calls. It appears a bird has flow into the house as the roommate's fiance exited. So, Wifey and Roommate try and catch the bird and get it to leave. After I suggested wifey use the broom to shoo it out, she said "I don't want to get that close". After hearing that, I just suggeseted they take the animals to the back of the house and leave the avian creature be.

After I arrived home, there was no sign of the bird. I swatted around under the furniture with the broom, they said they left a window open and it must have gotten out. Works for me. Let's have a drink and then go to bed.

I slept like a log only to wake up to MEEEOOWWW and SQUAAAKKK. And there's the cat on the dresser peering intently around the pool bag. (you should get yourself a pool bag and keep coozies in there). I walk over there and say, I don't see anything, the cat's being crazy and the squak must have come from outisde and proceed to head toward the shower. Wifey, not being satisfied started looking and I hear her squeel and then sure enough, there is the bird, hiding behing the picture frame.

I figured it had to be injured but just in case, I got a t-shirt and grabbed hold. Good thing for the t-shirt, it was very much playing dead so I released it outside and sure enough, NO BIRDS OR CATS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS EPISODE.


Ally said...

All in a day's work, right? Nice job.

p.s. Situations like this are exactly why I need a husband.

Wifey said...

The really great part was watching me and the roomie looking COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS trying to shoo the bird back out the door. I dare say it rivaled Lucy and Ethel's best moments. Anyone driving past our abode would have seen two adult females, cocktails in hand, running out of the house, yelling and carrying on (and one smoking a cigarette for good measure).
We also attempted to lob things at the bird to coerce it out of the house. Not wanting to break any of our valuables or framed art/photos, We found a ziploc baggie of Gevalia coffee that fit the bill. This worked up until I threw it and got it lodged in the ceiling fan. The bag of coffee is still up there, mocking me.

mcgee said...

thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. =)

wow, i didn't know that birds played dead. glad you were able to let it go without any animal bloodshed!

Anonymous said...

LOL OMG!! Is it not too hot to raise the windows where you are? Glad you took care of that situation for the wifey. That was macho and manly!