Sunday, February 24, 2008

Now that was a Tasty Steak

Was invited over to the abode of McD for a very tasty steak dinner with wifey and Tortious. Easily on of the best new york strips I have ever had. Damn good bottle of wine too I might add.

It is nice to go somewhere other than my house or an expensive restaurant for a really good dinner. It is my opinion that we accomplished that last night.

Thanks guys!


cdp said...

Pardon me while I note AGAIN that there is no mention of my supremely skilled dessert presentation.


icadle said...

Or maybe I think you desert was deserving of its own dissertation rather than being lumped in with a quick thank you I tried to send too early in the morning while I was hungover and, apparently developing the head cold from hell.

Wifey said...

The skilled dessert presentation is totally worthy of its own soliloquy. Serious....damn fine dinner all around. I am still stuffed!

cdp said...

I suppose then that the evening's only disappointment was the lack of random boys incessantly phoning me while we tried to eat; and of course the coinciding lack of Japanese cell phone hijinks.

Le sigh. Can't win 'em all, I guess.