Wednesday, December 26, 2007

LOST for the Holidays

I've never like the television series lost, but damn if I didn't watch about 8 hours of it over the holidays. I must say, its a crazy combination of The Bold & The Beautiful, Survivor, Jurasic Park, and The Twilight Zone.

Very interesting show and if you need to kill several days, say if you are waiting for your boyfriend's foot to heal, I would highly suggest this option. There appear to be three seasons and a helluva lot of tv to watch.

In other words, we had a very merry Christmas. The mother in law and some cousins were around, so we had a houseful. Also, we had what may have been the best Christmas party EVER. Complete with band and about 125 folks. Quite a good time.

Now I just need to get season 1 of lost on dvd from the netflix...

1 comment:

cdp said...

Dude. So sad we missed the party. Too many sick kids around these parts. 4, to be precise, and one sick tortious to boot. Yuck.

Glad you had a great holiday!