Thursday, October 18, 2007

Summarize ME

Ahh, I've been summarizing depositions for some time now. Its sometimes intersting work -you read the transcript of a deposition where an attorney asks someone questions and you paraphrase it. Sometimes its most aggrivating. Like when an expert bounces around or an attorney does so. However, in this paperwork extravaganze, I like to think i'm learning how to take a deposition.

Off to athens for the brother-in-law's wedding this weekend. That should be fun and give my eyes a break. Maybe I can find another picture to post.

Additionally, if you google image the word deposition - you will find no legal related pictures but much science and forensic information. I dont' recommend if you have a weak stomach.


Ally said...

You need an ipod....that makes depo summaries "more fun." Have fun in Athens!

Anonymous said...

I've been to several forensic radiology that gore!!!

Have fun at the wedding...

cdp said...


Me eyes are burning. EWWWWWWW.