Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well, First of all to Ally for house-sitting for us. I think we should demand a post (all 2 readers anyways)

So, Wifey and I took off for our FIRST MARRIED FOLK VACATION. We're into day 3 of this adventure, and I must say its been a good time. We've been married nearly 5 years and neither of us can thing of a vacation we took that was just us since that time that wasn't for some obligation or another (ok - the dog came too, but someone has to broker the peace!)

So we have a condo down on Cape San Blas. Next time we're gonna get one on the damn beach. Its like a big tease or something. Anyways, we haven't lacked for time on the beach. Also, we rented a kayak and I bought some fishing gear. I've had fun catching quite a few fish, but I havne't caught anything worth keeping.

For the most part, we got all our groceries at the Piggly Wiggly. So far our only souviner is a pair of t-shirts from the afore-mentioned grocery store. Where we come from, these damn shirts are coveted. Stop laughing.

The first night we took the dog to walk on the beach and missed dinner. Apparently these folk roll up the carpet around 8:30. Which, happens to be the time it gets dark. So, if you come to Cape San Blas, get your damn dinner early or you too will wind up eating at "Peppers" a mediocre Mexican place in Port St. Joe. Last night was much better. We visited the Indian Pass Raw Bar - where the wait staff is surly, but they make friends fast. We had some really tasty oysters, steamed shrimp, and beer - get your own out of the cooler and tell the waitress what you had when you got to leave. Excellent conversation was had with the cute little high schooler - she thinks crocs should only be worn in your own house, and I tend to agree.

Anyways, we also rented a kayak and I've had fun fishing from it. Tomorrow I will take the wifey around the bay. She does a pretty good paddling. Yesterday we paddled up to the camp for the developmentally challenged. I guess its good to give the kids a chance, but that place it tying up some damn fine real estate. Anyways, whatever floats your boat.

More to come..... Captain Kayak - "arrrgghhh"


Ally said...

Congratulations on the first "Married Folk Vacation." Sounds like a good time even if you are ruining any potential mood by wearing Crocs.

So are you kids bringing down the average age at the Cape by a few decades?

icadle said...