Saturday, February 17, 2007

Procrastination 834

Another exam, more procrastination. Lets see - whats going on.

1. I noticed my dear dog has some grey hairs on her snout and she's not even two years old. This is disturbing. We played fetch today and I still maintain that no other dog loves fetch as much as she does. She lives to chase a tennis ball. She's so focused on that thing, I haven't used a leash to walk her to the park lately.

2. I fried shrimp, chicken and french fried last night and didn't even start a mininmal grease fire. Though not very exciting, it was fun. Wifey and I watched Little Miss Sunshine. I can't wholely recommend this one. With the exception of a single scene, it was uneventful. Each character was great, but there was no coheisve disfunction. I like cohesive disfunction. Its much more entertaining. Running with Scissors is a better choice for serious disfunction.

3. I may have a significant hope of getting a job. If my dismal class rank doesn't ruin it. Hopefully my reputation and my family's reputation will overcome such lackluster law school performance. Maybe I should have taken this more serously as my "permanent record" is complicating my life right now.

4. Update on the bathroom. I almost have all the glass block laid, 99% of the tiles are set, and some of the grout is in. Things are looking good in there. If I didn't have two weeks from hell, I'd be done soon. However, maybe the baby steps b/t now and then will make a significant difference.

5. hmmmm... I think i'm done. Back to rememdies.

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