Monday, November 06, 2006


Well, election day is coming up and I'm looking forward to settling into my little booth in the school down the street and making that final decision. Unfortunatly the days of pulling the lever, watching the curtains fly automatically, and hearing that final crunch as the hospital green voting machine recorded your lot with finality are gone. But, I'll be touching the screen for the first time as I've been voting absentee since we introduced electronic voting here in Ga.

There are some local races I would like to voice my inner monologue on. First, as a lawyer-to-be, the Superior Court Judge race here is really close. I really want to vote for Tripp Self, but Ed Ennis has a really beautiful daughter who stopped by my house yesterday to do some campaigning...

These elections decisions are so difficult. On the other hand, Mr. Self was diligently campaigning in the neighborhood as his wife drove him around on the golf car. I do feel a bit guilty as my dog barkes at him and made some vicious noises. As for the TV ads, I can't figure out which ones i like the best. So difficult....

If you have any suggestions, I will be heading to the polls tomorrow afternoon and I would appreciate your commentary.

In other races, I will be interested to see who wins the Collins/Marshall race for Congress. I really can't beleive how nasty this one has gotten. I think Marshall is ahead on the mud-slinging restraint scale, but either way, this thing has gotten ridiculous. I would also like to take this opportunity to complain about the commercials. I think only the candidate should be able to run these. The party commercials are atrocious.


Ally said...

Well if you're criteria is coming down to beautiful daughter v. golf cart riding, then you know that we have two good candidates. We're "safe" regardless of who wins.

As for Marshall, I haven't seen any negative ads on his campaign's behalf. Of course, I also routinely mute the television during commercial breaks.

I'm not up to speed yet on who to vote for, but several people have told me that Carol Hunstein should get my vote for re-election to the Georgia Supreme Court. On a side ntoe, I hate that we are voting on Justices. It doesn't seem remotely right.

Leslie said...

I agree with Ally, it doesn't seem right that we have to vote for justices. This year's only contested supreme court election has disappointed me. Hunstein should get your vote. However, I hate that she resorted to that nasty attack ad against Wiggins. Wiggins is woefully underqualified, but his backers are so powerful that Hunstein is having to fight to retain her job. No judge should have to stoop that low to stay on the bench.
Believe it or not, Georgia's judicial elections are tame compared to some other states. If this topic interests you, try

cdp said...

VOTE FOR TRIPP. That way you'll all have a good connection (via me) to a judge in case any of us is facing disbarrment or anything. :-)

I also agree with Ally and Lzl. Hunstein deserves your vote. Wiggins is a nightmare, and I think Lzl said it quite well about Hunstein, "No judge should have to stoop that low to stay on the bench." I concur.

Ally said...

Thanks for the link Leslie. From what I understand, candidates continue to use these negative commercials because they work. Isn't that scary? But then again, we live in world where people religiously watch Jerry Springer and watch 8 hours of TV a day (yet don't help their children with their homework). It stinks that a justice (or any government official) has to aim to appeal to that audience.