Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few random comments

It feels like summertime again. Uggh.. Can't this humidity go away?

The house is utterly trashed in a way i hope it never sees again. I hope i can finish that bedroom soon so this furniture can find a new home.

I have finally figured out how to make frozen pizzas as good as those produced by your run-of-the-mill chains. My secret, broil after cooking to crisp the top.

Don't buy cheap paint brushes. Or cheap paint for that matter.

My dog is assy because the weather has been horrible. Maybe some fetch is in order....

Family drama is no fun.

Night class is no fun either.

Using the term "jewing down" when refering to a real estate deal will probably result in trouble, especially if you are teaching a class.

Cox Cable sucks ass. They are coming tomorrow. Grey's best not be interrupted this week.



cdp said...

Jewing down? I've never known that offend anyone . . .

Ally said...

I could barely breathe when I walked outside this morning (entirely too early might I add) and then I couldn't see b/c of the fog. WTF? Bring back the cool weather and sunny skies please.