Thursday, July 06, 2006

A response (a bit non-sensical)

A good friend of mine once said, "Its the journey, not the destination that matters." You see, the problem is I'm a destination kind of guy. I want to get there and do. But once I'm there, I'm thinking of the next step. Where is this going? When is this over? Do I really have to sit through this? Can't I just get a clerk to take care of this? Its terribly difficult to just live in the moment and be happy with whatever it is I have or wherever it is I am. I'm always looking for something better, always trying to push myself to be "out there." And exactly WTF does that mean? out there? Can you ever get there?

From wanting my house to look better, to wanting to learn a new skill, to meeting new people, it seems like the horizon is further away every time I look. There are so many things I want to do and experience. Its like I can't get there fast enough. But when you're there, its just opens your eyes to new options.

I try and tell myself that I'm not going to get there and I need to be happy with the here and now. Its damn hard to do. Continuous improvement is a mantra. A way of life. I just can't sit still. Waiting may possibly be the most painful, and constant activity ever endured.

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cdp said...

You'll get there. When you're 50; indepdently wealthy; and cruising around in your boat with Chuck and his three administrative counterparts. (On your way to see me in St. John, of course.)