Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bob Vila Strikes Back - The Empire Emerges

Damn if I didn't actually get some shit done this weekend. I installed a barsink (I don't care if that's not one word. Mine is one-word worthy). The bar area of my house has been a bit untidy since move-in. Somehow, I never bothered to install the electrical outlets or fasten down the countertops. (Well I still haven't installed interior doors, but we aren't even going to go there.) So, my barsink looks fabulous. There are under-counter lights, electrical outlets, and a wall-switch. As a bonus, two other outlets in the general area started working too. I mean seriously, as if...

I even have the thing plumbed. Well, the drain leaks, but lets not get greedy here. The drain system under that part of the house had to be re-vamped, as well as the hot and cold water pipes. However, the drain leak should be a speedy fix, so the thing should be operational in, I dunno, a month or so...

As I was cleaning up and admiring my handi-work, A-rod, the tenant comes home and reports her A/C isn't working. This is a problem that the A/C people were called to repair last weekend as well. As I suspected, the drain lines are flawed because they weren't installed with enough slope to allow proper drainage. Did I call someone to tell me this??

Hell no, I am the illegitimate love child of Martha Stewart and Bob Vila. I don't need the A/C man unless something is wrong with the unit itself. So, I trekked it to Lowes for the 15th time and bought the supplies. The drain line now appears to have a nice consistent slope and went from a 3/4" pipe to a 1 1/2" pipe,

So now I have two functioning drains, and found out a head buzz from pipe glue is way over-rated.

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