Sunday, June 04, 2006

The series of journies continues...

Ahh, on the road again this weekend. Went to raliegh for one of the most fun weddings I have attended of late. You just can't beat a good 1 o'clock service followed by an afternoon of casino games and adult beverages. Follow that up with some good cuban cigars, appletinis and some very fresh tuna and you have a fabulous weekend. Kelli and Brian real know how to throw a serious party. I wish the best for you guys.

In other news, my love for flying is once again alive. Dad took me to Hilton Head in a Piper Arrow and that thing was great fun. Single engine, variable pitch prop, retractable landing gear and it hauled SERIOUS ASS!! Much fun. Now I just need to schedule my first actual lesson and I'm off to the races. Time to dust the old books off and give it the real college try.

A trip to a wedding like that could only be improved by my possession of an airplane similar to the one above.

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